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Showing continuous growth with its expanding domestic market and export potential, Senkron Plastik first started its exports in 2002 with Iraq, and has developed every year with serious market research and export studies, and today it exports to more than 70 countries. In addition to its exports, it has succeeded in promoting the “SENKRON” brand to many countries in the world by participating in many fair organizations related to its sector at the international level.

As Senkron Plastik, we manufacture and export many product groups such as Drip Irrigation Accessories, Drip Irrigation Pipes, Polyethylene Pipe Fittings, Threaded Irrigation Fittings, Drip Fittings and Valve Boxes. You can quickly get your special offer for the products you need by contacting us on our Whatsapp number, calling us by phone and filling out the contact form below. In addition, by using our Distributor page for your applications, you can become our official distributor by selling your products in your country and region with the assurance of Senkron Plastik.

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